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June 21, 2003
Hi Guys Josie and Paul say that The Lost Amigos is the way to get away from it all. See ya soon.

July 13, 2003
Dear Roween and Bernie, Hello, My name is Leslie Hamori and as having lived in London, ON for the past eight years, have been to Port Stanley many times over the years. It is in the past couple of years that I have driven past your cottages on the way to "sight - seeing" the lovely homes on the shores of Port Stanley. My girlfriend and I are seriously giving thought to spending a night or two at one of your cabins before the end of the summer and/or in September. Are your rates the same for w/e and days of the week? We have previously been to bed and breakfasts and would relish a "nice, fresh" stay at a new location: yours at Lost Amigos! You should know also that we love your web page and the design and theme of your cabins and especially are interested in the fact that you seem very much into holistic healing and we too (her name is Tricia) are into holistic health and healing! In fact just the other night, we experimented with our own "heating rock therapy" from rocks collected Saturday night along the beach of Port Stanley. In fact I am very much interested in sometime getting my own tribal drum and seeing where it goes from there. Thanks for taking the time to reading this email and will give you a call soon to arrange to stay the night there in the very near future. All the best, Leslie My phone number is (519) 439 - 4718 and my email is LHLH58@hotmail.com

July 23, 2003
Hi Rowena & Bernie, It was so lovely to see you and your cabins today. I felt an overwhelming peacefullness with you and seeing your cabins. My thanks for the tour. I will definately be back to stay and to have some Bodywork done. Thanks Rene, Pat Hitchon nee Cornish, London, Ont

March 21, 2004
Hello Bernie & Rowena.....What a beautiful site! You have done such a great job. Wishing you a lovely spring & super summer. Your friends....Brad & Jacqueline Allen

April 05, 2004
Hi Lost Amigos Cabins I picked up this pamplet at the gas station on #4 highway just off 401 and told my sister to look you up we are from Windsor and we used to have family in St. Thomas that brought us to Port Stanley many years ago probably about 35 years ago boy have thing changed since then we came for a short visit last Sunday but didn't get this until last Friday so have not visited if you would like to send them some information my sister email address is dwalsh1@cogeco.ca her name is Darci I tried to send them your page by link but for some reason it didn't take it so take care diiwig@yahoo.ca Take care Diane

May 30, 2004
Hello Bernie and Rowena, I picked up your pamphlet at the grocery store in Port Stanley and to my surprise, my best friend who is visiting me in St. Thomas (she now lives in Florida) said she knows both of you from her high school days. We discussed how wonderful it is that you've redecorated the group of cabins on George Street, and then logged on to your site to get some more information. Great web site! Good luck with your business. Cheers to a successful summer season! Linda TaylorBall PS. My friend's name is Kathleen Johson. She sends her best regards to both of you :o)

July 09, 2005
(omit as necessary) Rowena/Bern, Thanx for stopping out to the fire....we had a pleasant evening X2. This is Saundra(Chris/Levi) by the way......and yes, "we're definitely interested in Costa Rica. Here is my im..(Rowena) seria6@aol.com - let's keep tabs on this thing...girl. ciao'./adios'..whatever...ha!! ha!! P.S. - Tell Petie/Tim - "get-er-dun"/Al...a thing or too.....

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